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5 Reasons Why Blogging is Critical to Content Marketing


If you’re a business owner, marketing director, sales person, or anyone who’s interested in increasing your website traffic (and online sales) you’ve probably heard of companies using blogs as part of their marketing strategy. Likewise, if you’re considering blogging, you’ve probably wondered what its value is.

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Social Media: Speed & Volume vs. Quality

Everyone’s strategy to social media marketing lately seems to trying to be the loudest, most frequent shouter at the party.

While how quickly you’re able to post (speed), and how much you content you produce (volume) are important to successful social media marketing (SMM), the real secret ingredient to success is having a solid plan in place first.

Do the hard work to produce quality content that is of actual value to users.


Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

As part of your marketing strategy, social media marketing is critical to promote your brand. It enables you to reach your customers – even when they’re not expecting it – and allows your brand to play a role in their daily lives.

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