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Web Design and Social Marketing Helps Unique Northeast Lumber Reach a Wider Audience

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Unique Northeast Lumber was formed in the aftermath of the unexpected passing of the owner of a logging company. Having harvested some of the finest mature timber in the area for over 30 years, he had built an immense collection of hand-selected, very rare, and highly sought after lumber specimens, intending to sell it to fine craftsmen and woodworkers. However, after his untimely passing, one of his former employees decided he would take over, and UNL was born.

From the onset, the intention wasn’t to create a long standing sustainable business, but rather to sell out the lumber collection entirely to buyers who would value it as premium and pay accordingly.


The lumber in the collection was much more rare (and therefore more valuable) to buyers outside of the update NY area. While sales in the local region were good, the most sought after potential buyers were ones in other areas of the US. We had to make sure that UNL would show up in search engine results for the widest possible audience. Additionally, they would reach out directly to fine woodworkers they identified as potential buyers, and wanted to be sure that the diversity and quality of the collection was apparent on the website.

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