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Digital Marketing Strategy – Internal vs. Outsourcing



Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

For most businesses, managing a profitable digital marketing strategy can be a big challenge. Different companies have varying levels of resources and levels of capacity to be able to dedicate towards their digital marketing efforts.

It usually comes down to two types of solutions: start building your internal digital team and allocate resources to grow those efforts or, take those resources and invest in an outsourced agency team to help your company grow. Ideally, you can take a hybrid approach and maximize your return on investment.

So, how can you start to break it down and decide what is best for your business’s digital marketing strategy?

We’ll look at a few main aspects that apply to anyone who is trying to put together their plan of attack.

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How to Increase Your Event’s Success with Digital Marketing


One of the biggest pain points for companies when it comes to digital marketing and social media is being able to prove the success of your efforts with measurable ROI and conversions. More specifically, it can be a real challenge when your conversion is attendance at an event or conference. The idea of converting a customer from clicking a link to showing up in person and investing time in your brand has perplexed many. The first point: don’t get discouraged, keep searching for solutions until they work.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite, proven methods to help you use digital marketing to increase your event’s success.

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