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Three Things Designers Should Stop Complaining About

3 things designers should stop complaining about, renoun creative

If you’re a designer or work in any type of creative marketing field, you’ve surely come across the dozens (hundreds?) of articles, blog posts, and social media memes that have titles like, “things that drive designers crazy”.

Some people take the time to develop elaborate illustrated infographics and stories, and of course there’s everyone’s favorite website, Clients From Hell. Certainly, many of these are entertaining at least, hilarious at best, and at some level they highlight many of the difficult, frustrating, or downright crazy stories creative professionals deal with.

However, a common element in many of these complaints is that they aren’t so much a symptom of a bad client as they are a missed opportunity for the designer to offer great customer service. Here’s 3 common complaints designers often have, and ways to think about them differently.

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Deal vs. Work

Don’t deal with your clients.
Instead, work with them.

A problem is something you deal with, a client is someone you help. Words matter.

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