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Social Media: Speed & Volume vs. Quality

Everyone’s strategy to social media marketing lately seems to trying to be the loudest, most frequent shouter at the party.

While how quickly you’re able to post (speed), and how much you content you produce (volume) are important to successful social media marketing (SMM), the real secret ingredient to success is having a solid plan in place first.

Do the hard work to produce quality content that is of actual value to users.


Brands Belong to the Customer

Customers don’t care about you as much as they care about themselves. Its your customer’s identity that matters. Your brand’s identity comes from them, not your company.

When done well, a brand belongs to the people, not the company.

Design and marketing are actions that brands deploy to be meaningful and memorable. They are just part of the branding process.

What Branding Is and Isn’t

Branding isn’t putting your logo all over a bunch of stuff.

When done well, branding involves every aspect of your business:

  • Its identifying compelling reasons why your product or service is important to the market (aka value proposition)
  • Its marketing that message in a way that captures people’s attention, and helps them understand the value
  • Its leveraging resources to deliver your product or service to the market in a consistent, valuable way

All of these areas are related and affect one another. Proper branding ensures your customers associate your identity with an experience they trust.

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