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Logo, Identity & Branding

Logo & Brand Identity Design is a Specialty of [re]noun creative

Every logo design project we do starts with a thorough discussion of our client’s goals and objectives, followed by researching their specific marketplace. We determine the various environments that the client’s logo will appear before finally developing a graphic mark that is visually interesting, unique and  – most importantly – memorable.

Designing a Logo and Creating a Brand Aren’t the Same Thing

A common mistake people have about logos is that they ARE the brand. That’s not the case however. A brand is the promise you make about your product or service. It’s a set of expectations, a relationship, memory or story that you create for your customers. Its your reputation.

One of the keys to successful branding has nothing to do with design. Instead, it first starts by reliably keeping the promises you make.

You share that promise not only with your customers but also with your employees and other stakeholders in your organization. For example, if one of your key brand attributes is quality customer service, that promise needs to be embraced by every member of your staff. In essence, you’re promising your customers that they can expect great service when working with you. However, if you don’t make that a key component of your corporate culture, its going to be hard to keep that promise. As a result, your brand may not communicate great service at all, but quite the opposite.

Simply put, your customers’ perception of you is what your brand is. Every potential interaction that customers might have with your organization needs to be designed in such a way as to communicate the brand attributes you want to convey.

In addition to designing the logo and creating the visual aspects of a brand, we can also help in corporate naming as well as tagline development.

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