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Bilingual Line Card Design for Non-Profit West Side Housing Partnership

Like many small non-profits, the West Side Housing Partnership has limited funds, and most of that money is designated to pay for things other than marketing its programs. In order to promote their Home Buyer Clubs program, WSHP turned to [re]noun creative to develop a cost conscious yet effective solution.

info sheet, graphic design buffalo ny

To lend credibility, the line card featured photographs of an actual participant of the program – not stock photography. This was an important part of the design – many of the people that the organization targets have been victims of predatory lending scams. [re]noun creative also assisted with the copy writing to develop a clear, concise message explaining the benefits of the program and how it works. Two versions were created, in both Spanish and English.

To help reduce costs to stay on budget, a readily available, inexpensive paper was sourced and the final piece was printed digitally.

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