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Community Beer Works “Embeer Buffalo” Logo

professional logo design buffalo nyCommunity Beer Works is Buffalo, NY’s first nanobrewery. As they put it, their goal “is to foster a sense of community and place, enriching our hometown through the production of damn good beer.” Their slogan, “Embeer Buffalo” sums up their goal to not only succeed as a brewery, but to better the beer culture of Buffalo. CBW asked [Re]Noun Creative to create a visual that summarizes this idea. CBW wanted an icon that referenced traditional brewing imagery, as well as something that, quite simply, would look cool on a t-shirt. After thoroughly researching a variety of traditional brewing images, this graphic was created as a hand drawn illustration, then converted to a digital version that could be used in a wide-range of applications. Its prominently featured on CBW’s homepage, and has been printed on a series of shirts.

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