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Countrycare Animal Complex

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Countrycare Animal Complex in Green Bay, WI came to us to replace their outdated, disorganized, non-responsive website. Much of their content was buried in a confusing, multi-level navigation that made it nearly impossible to find information without dedicating a lot of time to find it. It also made it hard for the client to manage their own content, as it was hard to keep track of where everything was.

How We Helped

Our approach centered around building a site that users would be able to easily navigate through to quickly find the information relevant to them. Despite the large volume of content, no piece of information is more than 3 clicks away.

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Addressing the fact that most users looked for information in one of two ways, we completely re-imagined the site’s organization. We identified that most users looked for information either by the type of animal, or by the type of service they were interested in.

Armed with this information, we built two separate paths that allowed users to search for information their preferred way, but ultimately led to the same content. This approach makes it convenient for the user, as well as easy for the client to maintain and manage the site.

Subtle yet effective techniques likes parallax scrolling, sliders, tabbed information, and photo headers help make the experience more interesting and engaging for the user.

 Website Design Features

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Custom built with robust WordPress content management system
  • Video and photo galleries throughout
  • Social share buttons
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Randomly loaded, category-specific testimonials on each page
  • Integrated Facebook activity feed
  • Google Analytics tracking and reporting capabilities

Photo Gallery

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