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Customized Web Surveys for University at Buffalo

Online Surveys Help a Research Project Evolve

We designed and developed a series of customized online surveys for the University at Buffalo Department of Psychology for a long term study on young adult drug use. The new online surveys replaced the original paper-and-pencil versions, and exponentially improves the departments ability to sort the collected data and deliver the surveys to participants in a wider geographic area.

The surveys are built utilizing a powerful Content Management System (CMS), which simplifies the task of adding and editing questions, and allows the staff full control over the many survey options and functions. Furthermore, the surveys utilize a responsive framework, ensuring that users on all devices can participate without any limitations in functionality.

The customized online surveys include important features such as complex branching and logic – where a user’s answer determines the next question they’ll be asked – as well as important safety features like email alerts and SMS/text message alerts that are delivered right to the smartphones of the research assistants.

Easier Data Management

Most importantly, the research team receives a robust set of data, available in both a raw format they can download and plug into other programs, as well as a ready-to-view system that generates graphs, charts and comparisons based on the data.

Rather than having to manually sort the data, the researchers can simply import the information into their reporting software and spend more time analyzing.

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