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Dave Ruch Performer and Teaching Artist Website Design

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Dave Ruch is a performer and teaching artists entertaining audiences with performances for children, family, and adults. His unique blend of storytelling, musicianship, historical knowledge, and ability to play several different musical instruments makes him a popular choice for educators looking for a fun and interactive way of teaching.

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He specializes in educational music programs for K-12 students with in-person performances, but also with unique online concerts. These allow him to bring his musics to teachers and students across the country, and at a great value that is important to educators facing tight budgets.

His website is a critical part of his business, and is a primary way he sells, manages, and markets his services to his clients.

How We Helped

A key feature of this website design is the online concert registration. We redesigned the entire process, making it easier for users to locate and register for concerts, as well as streamlining and automating many of the behind-the-scenes work, allowing him to spend more time on marketing his unique services and less time processing bookings.

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The content management system gives him the ability to control nearly every aspect of every page, utilizing a robust series of customizable fields. Using the CMS, the client has the ability to easily create new pages, control navigation, add sectioned content with multiple columns, and “pin” specified blog posts, videos, and suggested reading to various pages.

Additionally, built-in tools like social sharing, SEO controls, Google Analytics, and Facebook Conversion and Tracking pixels help him market, track, and analyze his digital marketing efforts.

Website Design Features

  • Built with robust content management system
  • Fully responsive and customized template
  • Customizable social sharing capabilities
  • Sticky header and contact form keeps important navigation in easy to access locations
  • “Pinned” blog posts, videos, and suggested articles on various pages
  • Integrated Google Analytics report plugin
  • Facebook Conversion and Tracking pixels integrated
  • Automated booking process tracks remaining availability and sends transactional emails
  • Customized booking forms targeted to specific types of audiences

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