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Graphcon CMS Responsive Website Design

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Graphcon was the company that had been around for years that most people had never heard of – even in their own industry. A big part of that problem was a complete lack of a website presence. A previous, poorly executed attempt at a website hadn’t resulted in the desired results, and was  eventually completely abandoned. As a result, the only way anyone knew of Graphcon was either through word of mouth or sheer luck, leaving them in a position of depending on existing contacts to continually send them work. They needed to find new clients and identify new markets, in order to increase the amount of work they did directly with clients.

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How We Helped

Renoun Creative first consulted with Graphcon to determine what they wanted their new site to communicate, and the type of audience they were after. After determining the priorities, the we created a site map and development plan. We crafted their message of being an established, trusted source of print finishing, aided with photography, designed the website and developed it utilizing the open source Content Management System (CMS) WordPress, which ultimately allowed them to update their own website with fresh content and project images.

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We also helped establish the Facebook page for Graphcon, which allowed them to engage directly with customers, organizations and businesses.

SEO Success

Within just two weeks of the site being launched, the Graphcon website was not only showing up in search results, but was on the first page of some of the most important search terms, outranking nearly all of their competitors.

Over the long term, the increased exposure and successful organic search results helped transform the way Graphcon did business. Instead of being nearly completely reliant on third parties sending work to them, Graphcon was able to take more control of their business and dramatically increase the amount of work they did direct with the client.


This site was featured in the Industrial collection on Web Design Inspiration

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