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Lance Valves Sales Kit Design


sales kit, presenation folder, pocket folder

Lance Valves is an industrial supplier and manufacturer of ball valves with a long history of manufacturing and distributing some of the highest quality products on the market. Designed for a specific audience, this multi-part sales kit design consists of a sleek pocket folder and corresponding line cards that represent not only the quality of their products, but the integrity of their work force.

line card, sales kit, info sheets

Nearly all of their competition in this industry uses product information sheets that are produced in Microsoft Word and are, well, ugly. Designing professional looking sales material was important in communicating the high quality aspect of Lance’s products.

The custom design features an interior side pocket that folds out like a brochure, containing lifestyle images captured from an on-location photoshoot, as well information about their history and capabilities. Within the pockets, line cards describing their products can be contained. Also, unique die cuts on the interior left pocket provide an area to hold business cards.

pocket folder, presenation folder, sales kit pocket folder, presenation folder, sales kit

Services Provided for this Project

  • copy writing
  • custom photography
  • design and layout
  • pre-press
  • print vendor sourcing and quality control management

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