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Lovin’ Cup Website Design

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Lovin’ Cup brands themselves as an “all-encompassing, sensory experience” restaurant in Rochester, NY. They’ve created an atmosphere that allows patrons to use all 5 senses while visiting. Tasting their food, beers & wines; seeing amazing artwork on display; listening to talented performers; feeling the unity and good vibes that are given off and smelling the cooked to order food are just a few examples of what Lovin’ Cup has to offer.

Buffalo NY Website Design, Renoun Creative

How We Helped

The client wanted us to capture the rich, eclectic vibe of Lovin’ Cups restaurant, while also needing the website to be easy to update in order to keep the extensive menus up-to-date. We designed and developed a custom WordPress website using a color palette derived from the restaurant itself, and built in a number of interactive, online elements user’s would find useful.

 Website Design Features

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Custom built with robust WordPress content management system
  • Interactive online menu
  • Searchable events calendar
  • Integrated Twitter and Instagram activity feed
  • Fixed or “sticky” top header keeps navigation easy to access
  • Integrated Google Analytics tracking and reporting capabilities


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