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Make’n Mold Stir-Ins Package Design

This redesign replaced a previous package that neither merchandised well or explained what the product was for; this solution addressed both problems.

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The original packaging used a flexible pouch. During store visits to identify areas to improve the packaging, we observed that the pouches were often dumped into a bin, which meant consumers weren’t presented with an appealing experience. Furthermore, consumers were missing the important communication on the package because of the poor presentation.

To resolve this, a boxed solution was developed. This eliminated the dump bin and instead moved the product up to the shelf where they are neatly stacked, improving consumer perception. Furthermore, this package design solution created a front panel where full color photography could be used to communicate examples of how the product can be used.

Services Provided

  • Design and Layout
  • Custom Photography
  • Copy Writing
  • Print Vendor Sourcing
  • Quality Control Management


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