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Packaging Redesign for Make’n Mold Caramel

package redesign, graphic design buffalo nyThis Make’n Mold caramel packaging was redesigned to utilize a paperboard sleeve format instead of the simple sticker that was previously applied to lid of the tub. This allowed more space on the package for photographs and instructions, and increased the number of primary display sides from 1 to 3.

A key component to this redesign was exploring the ways that the package was merchandised at store-level. The round tubs did not lend themselves to stacking upright and several store visits revealed that they were often simply dumped into a bin. The paper board sleeve solution created a flat bottom on which the tubs could be stood up, therefore allowing the face of the package to be properly displayed and reveal the luscious, full-color photographs.

As a result of their better stack-ability, the packages not only merchandised better, but a special cardboard display shipper could be created to increase sales potential.

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