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Reddy Bikeshare


Reddy bikeshare partnered with Independent Health and Shared Mobility to bring 200 community bikes to Buffalo to provide a fun, healthy, easy way to explore the city.

We worked closely with Reddy bikeshare to create everything for the program, including the logo design, bicycle graphics, and docking stations.

Graphic Design for Reddy bikes, Buffalo NY


How We Helped

When Reddy bikeshare came to us, they were just getting started with their project. First we helped them solidify a name for the bikes then moved on to a logo. After a few rounds of revisions we landed on a logo design that incorporated a sharrow, which is a common bicycling mark that indicates a shared road preferable for bicyclists. This sharrow then became iconic throughout the project.

Once the logo was finalized we then moved on to business cards which also used the sharrow and Independent Health red. This carried on throughout the design of the bike as well. We chose to make the bikes as red as possible so they could been seen from a distance, even if nothing more than “a sea of red”. This meant everything from the down tube, the basket, the lock plate, etc. were all red with just the logos and Buffalo skyline in white.

Reddy bikeshare bicycle design, renoun creative

While creating business cards and bike racks, we developed another branding concept that was carried on throughout the project. The idea was to have single action words that encouraged viewers to be active and healthy. A list of 20 words was created, such as; ride, go, move, encourage, strengthen, etc. that can be seen on the business cards, the bike racks and on all of the information panels.

business card design, buffalo ny Reddy-racks

The information panels were the bulk of this project. There are 7 large 6′ x 2’5″ information panels that are location specific and 21 smaller 6′ x 1′ information panels placed throughout the city.  Each panel has instructions on how to use the bikes, payment plans, a map, safety rules & regulations and points of interest.

RB.large-panel     RB.small-panel

The last piece of this project was a tri-fold brochure with all the information necessary to get started using these public bikes.

brochure design buffalo ny, renoun creative buffalo ny brochure design, renoun creative

Final Products

  • Logo Design & Branding Elements
  • Business Cards
  • Bike Design & Color Palette
  • Bike Basket Design
  • 22 Individual Bike Rack Designs
  • 7 Large Information Panels
  • 21 Small Information Panels
  • Brochure Design
  • RFID Card Design


This project won a Silver ADDY in the Out of Home and Ambient Media Category

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