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Sensordrone Package Design

Sensordrone is the world’s first mobile, wearable, programmable sensing computer. It works in correlation with smartphones to expand the mobile devices natural capabilities, and with the help of customized apps enables the user to detect and sense almost anything.

package design company, buffalo NY

We designed the package to showcase the polished mirror finish of the device, as well as to communicate its small size. The logo is foil stamped with gloss silver that contrasts against a rich black background that surrounds an actual size photograph of the front and profile of the device. Upon opening the package, the user is greeted with an unexpected bright green color – which is the brands main color identity. The device is held snugly in place by a tray, which features thumbcuts to allow the user to easily grasp and remove it. Below the tray, the devices accessories are held.

The real ingenuity though, comes in the actual structure of the package. All of the components of the box fold down flat, and with a few simple folds the box can be assembled using a system of locking tabs, eliminating the needs for glue. This innovative package structure saves the client cost in shipping, storage and in production.

We created the logo design for Sensordrone as well.

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