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Tomric Systems Custom Packaging Website

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Tomric already had a vibrant e-commerce site that we manage, but they were in need of web presence to reach a specific market segment. We created this information rich micro-site as a result.

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We developed the graphics, photography and messaging around Tomric’s ability to develop custom plastic trays for the chocolate and confectionery market, focusing on showcasing actual examples of their work, as well as highlighting their unique in-house capabilities that sets them apart from their competition.

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Hi-Tech Look and Feel

The client wanted visitors to come away with the understanding of their hi-tech abilities, which needed to be communicated both in the verbiage and the graphics.

A slick sticky menu is used throughout the site design, which keeps the main navigation always at the top of the page in a convenient place for users. The capabilities page features a unique double navigation bar, allowing the user to quickly scroll to a specific section of the page with just a click.

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