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Unique Northeast Lumber Responsive Website Design

A Responsive Website Design, Targeted SEO and a Social Media Plan

Unique Northeast Lumber is a company derived from one man’s lifetime collection of rare hardwood lumber gathered from decades of harvested forests. Nearly every board in the collection has some special characteristic, and is highly desirable to artisan wood workers, furniture makers, designers, musical instrument makers and fine carpenters.

custom website design buffalo ny

We designed and developed a custom website solution using the WordPress content management system (CMS), and utilized a responsive layout that is adaptive to all mobile media, including tablet computers and smart phones.

The site features a rich search option, a customized pricing list table, photo galleries, slideshows, large custom photographs, custom contact page and an integrated Google map.

responsive website design buffalo ny

buffalo ny web design companyAn SEO Success Story

Although all the lumber that UNL offers is unique, it becomes exceedingly rare – and more valuable – outside its regional area. To promote non-regional sales, we focused heavily on SEO (search engine optimization) in order to reach potential customers far and wide. Coupled with utilizing social media marketing, in only a few weeks we were able to help Unique Northeast Lumber sell their product nationally and internationally in places like New York, Connecticut, California, Michigan, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Ohio and Australia.

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