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United Way Caregiver Guide Book Design

To develop this “Resources for Caregivers” book design, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County relied on Renoun Creative.

This book design was intended for a diverse audience representing different languages, socio-economic statuses, educational backgrounds, and cultures. Readability, clarity, and consistency were critical to ensure the important information the book contained would be useful to the widest audience possible.


After careful consideration, we organized the supplied content to create a consistent layout and typographic heirarchy, transforming it into an easy-to-read, informational document. Geared towards people who care for loved ones at various stages in life, this content-rich book design is broken up into visually consistent areas so the reader can easily identify the section that’s appropriate for their situation.

The final 84 page book design needed to be printed on a tight budget, so all interior pages were designed as black and white to reduce costs. This project is a great example of how projects with a modest budget can still be professionally designed and executed to have a captivating presentation.

Services Provided

  • Book Design & Layout
  • Image Sourcing
  • Final Prepress

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